Boat tours from Nakskov – Langø – Spodsbjerg – Onsevig :

You will be able to take a trip around Nakskov fjord where you will be able to visit Slotø or Enehøje.

Slotø – here you will be able to se the preserved castle ruin / shipyard
Engelsborg. Engelsborg was founded in the year 1508 by King Hans.

Enehøje – in 1929-1940 Enehøje was owned by a polar-explorer and writer named Peter Freuchen.
In this period of time the island was a place where famous and well known
persons as Storm P. and Johannes V. Jensen participated.
On the island you can find a set of whale jaws who where left there as a landmark by Freuchen.
On the island there is a bird sanctuary, and you have the possibility of seeing a doe deer.
Sealsafari of Nysted Harbour

In July and August we sail to the island Rødsand , where we have the opportunity to see seals and gray seals .
On the western tip of Rødsand is a seal sanctuary .
Rødsand is the most important habitat and breeding area for seals in the entire Baltic Sea .
The area around Rødsand has also the largest number of gray seals in Denmark .
The seals and gray seals use the sanctuary throughout the year ,
but they are particularly numerous during the breeding season in June / July , and when they change their fur in August .